Wilbur Wright on the desire to fly at the start of the 20th century

Founded in 2017, Ecex.Exchange is a digital asset wallet and trading platform where users can perform transactions with digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Stellar (XLM), paired with various altcoins which are continuously integrated into the Ecex.Exchange ecosystem. This is merely a starting point. Allow us to share with you much more, more of the nitty-gritty behind the scenes of the project.

The same way Ecex.Exchange CEO Tõnis Hilep once mentioned back in those early days via a Medium blog: “Ecex Exchange Trading Platform (EETP) will not grow as fast as rockets like the social networks. Our end-user is the individual or company which deliberately is working with assignments”, M.Jur. Hilep added -“our (Ecex.Exchange) trading platform is more meant for the professionals. It is the tool helping to easily resolve the hard queries on how to manage the (daily life) unwanted economic relations”. A clear belief and idea as to one of the reasons why the Ecex.Exchange project has been developed and is now being taken to a next level benefiting both; the firms and individuals.

More than a few questions begin to pile up? We gladly welcome them all and throughout the next series of Ecex Exchange brief communications articles (BCAs) and thanks to the magic of the Internet, we will like to host you and guide you on the Ecex.Exchange journey, which -like most sorts of exciting journeys- began with just a thought.

[Read it on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ecexexchange/]

[Join the Ecex.Exchange Community on https://t.me/EcexExchangenow]



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